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Geoscenics Natural Scenery Products

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If you require additional Bumper Ballast Packs, please contact Geoscenics by email: geoscenics@btinternet.com or telephone 07811 673341.


To order: Please complete the download order form including contact and return postage details with a cheque payable to Geoscenics.



Wagon Load “O” Gauge:

Boulders Black(product code BP1700)

                          1kg. £12.00




Boulders Limestone (product code CACO1700)


                          1kg. £12.00


Limestone Aggregates (product code CACO3000)

                         1kg. £12.00




Marble boulders -mixed (product code WMCA3000/1700)

                         1kg. £12.00




Iron Ore  (product code BU1700)

                          1kg. £12.00





Coal  (product code Coal 1700)

                         300g. £10.00






Wagon insert boards - cut to size then

fill the wagons with above loads

(product code PB65) £6.00


Ballast “O” Limestone (product code O limestone)

                       1kg. £12.00


Red “O” Ballast (product code BU O Ballast)

                       1kg. £12.00


Light Granite “O” Ballast (product code GR O Ballast)

                        1kg. £12.00




Add Boulder 1kg (O) to cart

Add Limestone Boulders 1kg (O) to cart
Add Marble Mixed 1kg (O) to cart

Add Limestone 1kg (O) to cart
Add Iron Ore 1kg (O) to cart
Add Coal 300g (O) to cart
Add Insert Boards to cart
Add Limestone Ballast 1kg (O) to cart
Add Red O Ballast 1kg to cart
Add Light Granite O Ballast 1kg to cart